Fareri Associates, LP Discusses the Development and Design of the Harbor at Greenwich

When it came to the interior design of The Harbor at Greenwich, a development completed by Fareri Associates on the shores of Smith Cove, Lauren Muse was the obvious choice. The development offered her the opportunity to design four single-family homes and seven condominiums, proving to be one of the largest jobs of her career. Despite the large scope of the job, Muse didn’t need to worry. All she had to do was focus on her skills as a designer and the individual tastes of the buyers.

Muse’s work was enjoyed by the new homeowners so much that many of them hired her to finish designing their homes. Among her new clients were John and Michele Tesei. Michele knew Muse’s work well; she was the principal real estate agent for the project and decided to move into one of the single-family homes after working closely with Muse. Like many of The Harbor at Greenwich’s tenants, the Teseis decided to move into the 7,000 square foot single-family home to downsize. This is typical for the Greenwich area with many people looking to downsize and move to a more urban area closer to downtown.

While 7,000 square feet may not seem very small, the space did come with some design challenges that Muse was forced to overcome. The spaces span over four-levels and prove to be unusually vertical. These four levels include a below-grade in-law apartment, first floor common spaces, second-floor bedrooms, and a roof deck. Muse had her work cut out for her and rose to the occasion effortlessly.

“Even though the home is quite large, the rooms, while plentiful, are compact,” says Muse. However, there is no design challenge she cannot overcome. With clever designer tricks, Muse was able to make these smallish spaces feel larger. Whether that be doubling a bay window as part of a casual dining area or incorporating a glass topped table to keep the space feeling light and airy, she accomplished what many could not – a well-designed home that any homeowner would enjoy.

Muse was also able to keep a sense of consistency throughout the interior of the entire house with her design choices. While a nautical theme may have been obvious, Muse opted for natural colors (beige, blue, and grey) and clever patterns, materials, and textures to lend themselves to a nautical motif without a single anchor being present on the premises. In fact, Muse was able to incorporate patterns throughout the entire home so each room can connect to one another despite how the furniture is designed.

The vertical style of the home also lends itself to feel lived in, no matter how many people are present. Whether the in-laws or the children have returned home for a visit, the space will be able to accommodate those needs, while allowing for everyone to have some personal space.

The Harbor at Greenwich also has beautiful views of Smith’s Cove, so homeowners will be able to view boats along the dock or kayak if the desire strikes. While many homeowners, like the Teseis, did not expect to find a home where they would be able to grow old together, that is what happened.

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