Fareri Associates, LP Discusses the Development of the Goshen Plaza Supermarket

The wait on a supermarket in the Goshen area is coming to a close. On Tuesday, March 26, it was announced that Fareri Associates received approval to begin construction on their Goshen Plaza site plan. After numerous meetings to discuss traffic, drainage, noise, and lighting, the village planning board gave the development company the green light to begin building.

Fareri Associates is set to begin construction on the 13.7-acre property in May or June of this year. They will begin by demolishing the “wings” on either side of the former Grand Union, current CVS Pharmacy. The production of the proposed free-standing CVS will lead off new construction at the site. Once CVS occupies its new store, the current building will come down, making room for additional construction. CVS will remain open during construction to offer full health and prescription services to the community.

The community has been extremely supportive of the development agency. Lynne Allen Cione, president, and CEO of the Orange County Chamber of Commerce vouched for Fareri Associates at the hearing appeasing the concerns of the community in the process. “In my hands, I have the last lease signed for a supermarket here. It was signed with the best of intentions, but they couldn’t carry it off,” Cione explained of the previous owners of the space over the last 18 years since the Grand Union closed. “As somebody who has lived with false starts and false promises … I urge you to seriously consider this proposal. These guys are the real deal.”

The long-awaited supermarket will be built on a 38,939 square-foot property along with four additional retail-ready buildings and two retail-ready pad sites. The new supermarket is expected to open in fall or winter 2021. While the supermarket may still seem a little ways off, Fareri Associates is making strides to make the dream a reality.

Additionally, the site plan will be making structural changes to Goshen Plaza as a whole. This will be done to create a more functional space. When construction is complete there will be two entrances instead of the original three that were proposed. Not only that, but the parking lot will be completely updated and modernized to handle the demands of the community.

Interest in these areas has been growing since the initial announcement in March. As a result, Fareri Associates has enlisted the help Pyramid Brokerage Company to field inquiries and identify tenants for the available retail locations. Interested retailers may call agent John Coladonato at 845-787-1378 or 845-522-5900 ext. 121 or email him at jcoladonate@pyramidbrikerage.com.

To stay up to date with the Goshen Plaza project, please visit www.goshenplazany.com. The website, which includes site plans, renderings, and detailed site information, will be updated as the project progresses.