Fareri Associates, LP is Awarded Approval to Move Forward with Goshen Plaza Development

Fareri Associates, LP was awarded long-awaited good news on March 26, 2019. It was announced that the Goshen Planning Board unanimously voted in favor of the award-winning Hudson Valley Developer’s conditional site plan. The plan has been approved and will be moving forward with its proposal for the new Goshen Plaza. There were multiple speakers in attendance, all of whom supported the project.

“We’d like to thank the Village of Goshen Planning Board for its confidence in, and enthusiasm for, this project, as well as the many community members we’ve met who share our team’s excitement over bringing this long-awaited project to life,” said Fareri Associates representative Neil DeLuca. “The supermarket Goshen has wanted is finally on its way, along with so much more this community is going to love.”

Fareri Associates plans to completely overhaul the 13.7-acre property between Matthews St, and Clowes Avenue in Goshen. This will allow the community of Goshen to receive a much needed retail hub. The plan will incorporate turning current underutilized space into two anchor retail stores, four additional retail-ready buildings and two retail-ready pad sites. The development team has wasted no time in starting the negotiation process with two anchor retailers. These retailers include a top-brand supermarket and CVS pharmacy.

Fareri Associates have thought everything through, from retail sites to the parking lot, which will also be completely replaced. Details from lighting to signage have been laid out in this plan and will come to life through the construction process. Additionally, larger details such as new entrances and exits, delivery access points and modernized utilities have all been included in this site plan. No detail was too big or small for the development team to forget.

The award-winning developers plan to begin construction on their latest project in May or June of this year. With that date in mind, Fareri Associates expect the grand opening of the CVS Pharmacy to happen in either the winter of 2020 or spring 2021. However, they did not make this decision lightly and will not inconvenience the members of the community in the slightest. The current CVS Pharmacy will remain open and operational until construction is complete on the new one. This was done purposefully to not inconvenience community members who depend on that CVS for prescription services.

Due to the popularity of the Goshen Plaza retail space, interest in the new spaces has already begun. Fareri Associates has partnered with Pyramid Brokerage Company to field inquiries and identify tenants for the new Goshen Plaza. Pyramid Brokerage Company is part of the Cushman & Wakefield Alliance, a fully integrated extension of the C&W global platform. Pyramid Brokerage Company agent John Coladonato will be providing seller and landlord representation to fill the premium retail space.

To stay up to date with the Goshen Plaza project, please visit www.goshenplazany.com. The website, which includes site plans, renderings, and detailed site information, will be updated as the project progresses.

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