Fareri Associates, LP Receives ‘National Community of the Year’ Award for Villa BXV Development

Fareri Associates’ Villa BXV development has gained recognition from the National Associate of Home Builders (NAHB). As a result, Fareri Associates, LP has been awarded the National Community of the Year award.

That was not the first award the elegant and classically designed community received. Villa BXV has also received awards for best model merchandising, best architectural design, and best landscaping. These awards were determined by an esteemed panel of industry professionals from across the country who judged a field of more than 1.300 entries.

The Villa BXV community was developed by the Greenwich, CT Fareri Associates division. The company has been known for over 40 years in creating distinctive residential homes and high-quality office and retail spaces. Their excellence in the field has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. “We are truly honored to have received these national awards from the highly respected NAHB. The Nationals are the most prestigious awards of their kind, setting the benchmark for innovations in new home design and community

development,” said Fareri. “These awards are a testament to the vision, hard

work, and dedication to quality and excellence by a very talented team of professionals,” he added.

Fareri Associates is not only known for its architecturally pleasing work, but also for their personal service. Elise Platt, Director of Sales and Marketing for Villa BXV, stated as much when asked about John Fareri’s work. “There is no one in this market who is building with the level of architectural design and attention to detail as you will find at Villa BXV,” said Platt. “And the sales success of Villa BXV speaks for itself with only a few of the 53 residences remaining for sale,” she added.

Villa BXV offers one, two, and three-bedroom residences with open plan great rooms and kitchens with gourmet islands and appliances by Wolf, Bosch, and Sub-Zero. The master bedroom suites have been completed with spa baths with glass enclosed wet rooms that feature free-standing tubs and separate showers. Prices currently start at $1,503,000.

The lobby of Villa BXV exudes both luxury and security with a 24-hour doorman. The development is complete with an elegant clubroom that opens out to the Grand Courtyard that may also be considered the heart of Villa BXV’s lifestyle. The amenities are complete with a state-of-the-art fitness center and adjoining Zen courtyard. For more information about Villa BXV visit villabxv.com or call 914-771-4111.

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